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Tool & Die Shop
Star Manufacturing, Ltd. (Star) has a well-equipped tool and die shop with the capability to design, build, and maintain dies. The die shop utilizes journeyman die-makers and apprentices to support the needs of our customers.

Tool Room Equipment
Bridgeport Milling Machines with DRO
Engine Lathe with DRO
Brother EDM
Surface Grinders with DRO
Cutoff & Band Saws
Carlton 6 Radial Arm Drill Press
Sand Blast Cabinet with Recovery System
Heat Treat/Draw Ovens
Rocklinizer Model 600 Carbide Metal Impregnator
36 x 48 Grade B Surface Plate
24 Brown & Sharpe Digi-Hite Gage
20 x 20 x 12 Hopkins Screw Press
AutoCAD, MasterCam, Solidworks

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