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Waterjet Cutting Services
Star Manufacturing Ltd. has a Flow water jet which is used for cutting thick items or when other methods are not economical or practical.  The waterjet can cut almost any type of material including steels, plastics, rock, marble, laminates and others.   Geometric patterns are automatically programmed directly from CAD files for accuracy to design.

Net Cutting Area 

Work Envelope:  4ft x 4ft 

Z-axis:  8 in  (200 mm)

Machine Positional Specs

Linear Positional Accuracy: ± 0.003 in (0.08mm)
Repeatability*: ± 0.002 in (0.05 mm)
Dynamic Waterjet Benefits Improve cut part tolerances and geometry at significantly higher speeds
Virtually eliminate taper; taper is < 1 degree in straight-line geometry
Cut parts using virtually any CAD file, or scan a drawing directly into FlowMaster®

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